Offer Room Upgrades to Guests Automatically

Generate even more revenue with Duve using the new Room Upgrade offer, allowing you to automatically offer room upgrades to every single guests

Upselling and Cross-selling are an important part of the guest experience. Not only do they present guests with more services and experiences, but they also allow hosts to generate more revenue from every guest. There are many services and products that can be offered to guests, including early check-ins, activities, transportation and more however offering a room upgrade can be one of the highest converting upsell offers. 

Room upgrade offers will allow you to:

  • Sell your higher room or rental categories instead of having them empty or upgraded for free.
  • Significantly increase your room up-selling revenue and the sales of services & amenities.
  • Enhance guest’s stay with special offers and upgrades

The Duve Room upgrade offer allows you to offer a room upgrade deal to every guest, customized by the original room or rental they booked, their booking source, the dates they booked and the rooms or rentals that are available. 

Guests will view deals before their arrival and book the room upgrade online by the payment method of your choice and subject to your approval.  Our room upgrade solution is the ultimate way to increase revenue and managing occupancy.   

You can create a room upgrade offer with a set price or allow guests to bid on the room depending on their expectations, with the option to approve or deny their booking request.