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    PMS integrations

    Leveling up your guest experience with enriched PMS data

    Integrating Duve with your PMS will help you collect valuable insights to boost satisfaction and drive growth, taking your guest experience to the next level. With a seamless integration, you’ll enrich guest profiles with information collected throughout the guest journey, helping you provide personalized experiences to each guest.


    Opening up new revenue streams to boost your bottom line

    Duve's integration with PSP’s makes payment processing simple and secure. By integrating with your PSP, you can offer guests additional services for their vacation, providing them with a seamless payment experience and boosting your property’s revenue.


    Unlocking the door to convenience with digital keys

    Duve's integration with digital key providers revolutionizes the check-in process for hotels, vacation rentals, and hostel owners. With Duve's digital key integration, you can provide your guests with a contactless and hassle-free check-in, enhancing their overall experience and reducing wait times.

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