Enhance lodging with smart analytics

Duve gives you insights on guest satisfaction, engagement, communication, and more!
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Trusted by over 1,000 brands across 60 countries

Using big data to enhance guest experience

Duve starts learning about your guest as soon as they book. By understanding each guest and their needs Duve is able to enhance guest experience with customized offers, services and communication. Duve anticipates guests’ needs before they arise.
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Measure your properties performance

Always understand how your establishment is performing and the areas where it can improve. Duve makes it easy to see everything at a glance. Quickly understand your guest engagement, communication, and performance through Duve’s visual dashboard.

Segmentation insights in just a click

Maximize your profit margin and deliver business results using data. Segmentation insights helps you make educated decisions and outperform competitors. Track, adjust and realign based on real data to create amazing guest experiences every time.
hotel analytics