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Sentiment Analysis & Prioritization by Duve AI

Sort Urgent Tasks with Intelligent Prioritization

Get to what’s important first. AI technology sorts and prioritizes messages/tasks automatically based on urgency, sentiment and guest status (checked-in or checked out). Never waste time with low priority matters that can be handled later, while promoting an unforgettable guest experience by handling the more important affairs faster.

Duve smart reply screenshot

Save time with Smart Replies

Responding to guests can take up a lot of staff time and create long response times for guests. Duve’s latest OpenAI integration utilizes ChatGPT-4 technology to provide automatic or suggested replies to make responding to guests instant and seamless. Both suggested and automatic replies are created through collected data of frequently asked questions, or guest information that is constantly updated based on all new and relevant information. Responses are unique to each guest and makes communication extremely simple.

Auto Generated Guest Content for hospitality screenshot

Cater to Each Guest with Custom Curated Content

DuveAI gives hosts and hoteliers the power to create content that is in-line with their brand tone, image and guest personas. Deliver high-quality and personalized content for anything from hotel service recommendations, upgrade offers, hotel events, local tips and way more.

Message Summarization by Duve hospitality

Quickly Solve Issues with Message Summary

Alleviate the influx of an overflow of messages and quickly understand any issue without having to read through an entire message. DuveAI provides a big picture of the overall messages sent from guests by automatically analyzing every incoming message and summarizing it into one snapshot. This helps understand where there is a problem quickly and makes solving issues faster and more efficient.

Give your guests the experience they deserve.

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