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Helps Fulfill Our Property Potential

It's excellent because you don't have to carry a card to open the room door or a wallet, the phone is always with us.


Infrastructure Manager

Vert Hotels

Great Experience With Duve!

Very good customer service- Easy to use -Great functionality - Efficient for data collection - Quick and straightforward implementation process



VR, Cyprus

Solves all problems

It is very easy to handle and to understand. The interface looks really, we got good reviews from our guests. You just have everything in on.


Project Manager

Davos, Switzerland


The future is keyless

Don’t stay stuck in the past. Duve provides integrated keyless entry systems for guests that makes entry into any establishment easier and safer than ever!

Never worry about guests misplacing keys, or having to provide keys in person–digital keys can be provided from anywhere at any time. Once guests complete guest check-in they are automatically given a digital key for the dates of their stay. Saving both you and them time and effort.


No download necessary

Duves keyless entry system requires no additional app download for your guests*. The easiest and most seamless way to provide keys.

*Depending on which integration you chose to work with, guests can either start using their digital key directly through the guest app or through a simple download through the external party.


Integrations with the Top Keyless Providers

Duves guest app is integrated with the best digital key providers in the world: AssaAboly, Dormakaba, Salto, Keyless, Keynest, LockVue, and Vikey!

Give your guests the experience they deserve.