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Get the most out of guest communication by syncing Airbnb conversations into Duve’s robust Communication Hub. With Duve’s centralized management hub you can sync all guest communications across various communication channels including email, WhatsApp, SMS, and now Airbnb.

Here’s how Duve and Airbnb’s integration is revolutionizing guest communications for hosts:

Tailored Communication For a More Personalized Experience

Hosts using Duve’s integration with Airbnb will experience enhanced communication personalization. Duve’s Communication Hub facilitates personalizing messages, by automatically inputting data specific to each guest’s reservation through a variety of dynamic parameters, ensuring a more tailored communication experience between hosts and guests.

Seamlessly Chat with Guests with Duve’s Generative AI Agents

Duve’s generative AI Agents offer personalized, immediate communication to scale operational efficiency, boost guest satisfaction, and maximize revenue opportunities. By integrating with Airbnb, hosts can let Duve’s AI Agents handle day-to-day inquiries from guests with precision, deliver tailored recommendations, and suggest relevant add-on services. 

Reduce Response Times with AI-powered Prioritization

Hosts using this two-way integration will also benefit from Duve’s AI capabilities to improve efficiency of guest interactions and reduce response times. SmartPriorty by DuveAI allows hosts to quickly attend to the most urgent conversations first as they will automatically be prioritized based on various factors including the tone of voice, stage in the journey, and topic of conversation. 

This integration reflects our dedication to advancing the hospitality industry. By integrating Airbnb conversations into our Communication Hub, we enhance guest experiences and equip hosts with tools to improve operational efficiency and response times, ultimately boosting guest satisfaction. This marks a significant step forward in our journey to revolutionize guest experiences.

Jeremy Atlan

Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer at Duve

More to Come 

Future phases of the integration’s development will include automatic syncing of reservation information between Duve and Airbnb. This will enable hosts to create enriched guest profiles by collecting guest data from both platforms, offering a deeper understanding of guests through data gathered during their journey with Duve. 

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