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Looking for ideas for products and services to offer your guests? here is the ultimate upsell list

There are plenty of upselling and cross-selling opportunities for hospitality providers. Some upsells can be managed in-house and are easy for hosts to offer, and other services may require more work and in-destination partners. Either way, offering guests exclusive services can be extremely beneficial for hosts and can create new streams of revenue. For this reason, we created a list of most common upselling cross-selling services:

1. Early check-in and late check-out

Early check-ins and late check-outs may be the most appreciated upsells you can offer your guests. The standard check-in/check-out hours are often inconvenient for guests as they are not coordinated with flight arrivals and departures.

Getting early access to the room and avoiding a pointless wait can truly upgrade your guests’ experience. The same goes for the late check-out offer as guests will appreciate the ability to make the most out of their vacation and spend extra time in the rental/room before having to head back home.

These offers will also allow you, the host, to cash in on new opportunities as these offerings do not necessarily require ANY extra work.

early check-in

2. Transportation

Most travellers book some sort of transportation service before or during their vacation. Whether its a taxi from the airport, ride from the train station or even just a car rental, these services are common and often have an excellent conversion rate.

yellow car driving

3. Room Upgrade

Offering your guests the opportunity to upgrade their room/rental choice is a great way to generate extra revenue. Its never too late to offer guests the opportunity to upgrade their experience further. This option can be offered at a discount to encourage last-minute upgrades.

hotel bed with pillows

4. Luggage Storage

A valuable option for many travelers looking to store their luggage for an extra day or two, this upsell is relatively easy to create and will allow your guests to plan their vacation at ease, knowing that they will have a place to store their luggage.

bag packs

5. Spa

Spa treatments are a highly common vacation splurge and we all know why. Good Spa treatments will help your guests get in vacation mode as quickly as possible and can be easily offered either in-house or as part of a collaboration.

drop from a bottle

6. Tours & Activities

Every destination offers different experiences for guests to enjoy. An urban destination may include walking tours, cultural experiences such as art, history, food or local market tours, while a beach or mountain destination can offer different activities such as wine tasting, water sports, guided stargazing and more.

The important part is to offer experiences that will excite your guests and allow them to make the most out of what your destination has to offer.

group of tourists

7. Welcome pack

The arrival experience is a big part of one’s vacation and a welcome pack can completely upgrade this moment. This is especially true if your guests are celebrating a special occasion and the welcome pack can be adjusted or themed.

Our favorite kind of welcome pack includes local products that travelers can enjoy while connecting to the destination. A great service to offer your guests.

fruit basket

8. Food Supplies

Taking time out of the vacation for grocery shopping and spending time stocking up the fridge can feel like a burden to some guests. Many hosts already offer the option to stock up the room/rental with food necessities in order to make their guests’ completely worry free.

few apples beside a grocery bag

9. Housekeeping Services

Mid-stay cleaning is another great service your guests can appreciate. While housekeeping policy varies from one property to the other, the option to book a proper mid-stay cleaning can uplift your guest experience. Laundry services are another useful service your guests may enjoy.

cleaning spray

10. Events

While keeping track of all local events on a regular basis might prove difficult, listing the top events in your area and offering them to guests is another great service you can offer.

horns in crowd

​11. Photography Session

Many guests might jump on the opportunity to take advantage of the romantic/family vacation in order to book a professional photography session that will capture these special moments. A collaboration with a trusted local photographer is another great offer for your guests.


12. Personal Chef Experience

A professional chef experience is a great service to offer guests. Transform your rental into a haute cuisine restaurant for one evening and allow your guests to enjoy a culinary experience with comfort.

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