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Discover how Bosque del Nahuel, a boutique complex in the forest of Patagonia, uses Duve to uplift guest experience.

Bosque del Nahuel is a pastoral boutique complex in Patagonia with 16 Suites and 6 premium cabins. The complex is located at the gateway to Bariloche, a natural paradise of the region. It is a family business that aims to share their love and enjoyment of the beautiful location with travelers searching for tranquility and nature.

Duve allows us to offer our services to guest in advance and automate data collection & guest emails

Pablo Cuppiarolo

Operations Manager

Bosque del Nahuel started using Duve with the objective of personalizing Guest Experience and make guests feel most welcome from the first point of contact. We had a chat with Pablo Cuppiarolo who manages operations in order to hear more about how Duve fits in their day to day management:

organized hotel bed

How did you implement Duve in Bosque del Nahuel and what results did you experience?

The technical process was simple, we only had to set up our Duve profile and sync Duve with our Channel Manager. As for the results, the main result we are experiencing is that we get to know our guests better prior to their arrival.

Guests complete their personal data, which allows us to have a speedy check-in without having to fill in all the details when they arrive. Because we have all of the arrival details, including arrival time, we can prioritize operations and housekeeping when it is necessary to clean a room in case of an early check-in so guests will have their room ready when they arrive.

We are also able to offer guests more services and solutions and can provide personalized services, for example, an airport transfer or car rentals.

We are also able to offer them more services and solutions. Duve gives us the possibility to offer our services to guests in advance and automate the sending of emails, reservation confirmations, and data collection.

An additional benefit is receiving the guests’ feedback in advance. with the pre-check out message that is sent to guests, we have the opportunity to know guest satisfaction, encourage satisfied guests to leave good reviews and correct situations that aren’t optimal before the guests leave.

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