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With the hospitality industry around the world affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share some valuable tools that will help both manage operations and mitigate the impact upon your property as much as possible.

Reassure your guests and keep them in the loop

Duve’s guest app posts are easy to update and easily accessible for guests before and during their stay. Now is the time to highlight that you are going above and beyond to ensure guest safety, including deep cleaning rooms and taking all the necessary measures, following local governmental guidelines and best practices to minimise risk with extra care to sterilize things.

At the same time – many guests are traveling in a foreign country and you, as their host, might be their go-between guests and the local authorities. Make sure to updates them about local regulation while providing them a sense of security, including proper procedures in case they feel ill.

Instant Messages- Scheduled message

Instant messages allow you to easily get in touch with all or some guests for quick & important messaging. Through Duve, your announcements can be forwarded to guests through the guest app, email or SMS.

In addition to providing a quick method of communication, instant messages can be used to reassure future guests about their booking conditions. Now is a good time to consider a more lenient cancellation policy, so that travelers will feel secure with thier bookings and refrain from canceling immediately. Promote a flexible / book with confidence rate. Look at the practicalities of allowing guests to move a booking to a new date should they wish to.

Appeal to domestic markets by collaborating with local suppliers

During times of uncertainty, you may find the market changing. While less people are inclined to fly out of the country, you are still able to appeal to the domestic market. This step may require partnering with different attractions and experiences in order to be compatible with local market demand. Now is the time to partner up with relevant local suppliers to offer the perfect package for local guests. Duve allows you to sell and auto split payment with any supplier while enjoying extra revenue from up-selling services.

Upselling and cross-selling

Many owners have raising concerns about their margins, making additional revenue streams even more significant than ever. At this time, certain services may be more relevant than ever. Cross-selling taxies for safer transport, as less people are inclined to take public transportation, food supplies for stocking properties, outdoor activities as well as local restaurants and food experiences.

Automating your check-in process

Duve’s pre-check-in wizard allows you to automate your check-in process and gain operational flexibility. While some staff availability may have been affected, you can offer your guests a self-check-in without sacrificing your service standard. Duve fully supports smart and digital code locks including Vikey, Astute locks and Keynest as well as document scans, digital signatures and much more.

While the recent drop can be seen as a time to work harder for business, it may also counterintuitively give you an opportunity take operational efficiency to the next level. Once the situation returns to normal, you will be able to further enjoy the friuts of your labor.

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