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Behind the Scenes of Our New Brand

It all started when 2 friends and business partners, David Mezuman & Jeremy Atlan, were managing a hospitality business back in 2008, and began searching for a solution that would allow them to better connect with their guests. When they meet the technology expert Shai Bar, Wishbox is founded.

The vision was to create an end-to-end platform that will allow hoteliers to better connect with their guests and offer an enhanced experience while providing more services and improving performance throughout the guest journey. Just as if they were able to personally meet each and every guest, anticipate and offer exactly what they need.

The global pandemic amplified the need for such solutions, bringing hoteliers to try new things and speed up the adoption of new technologies. Global changes also affected guests to communicate and engage remotely.

Our top-level development team works closely with industry professionals and is dedicated to developing the most advanced and smart guest management platform. Our goal is to allow hotels to digitize their hotel and all their guest-facing interactions, while opening them to all the opportunities in the digital world.

Duve lets the hotels automate communication easily, offer unique services and manage guests digitally while making sure the hotel keeps its unique touch and voice.

Why did we rebrand?

A brand represents your identity, who you are as a company, and we felt that our branding didn’t accurately reflect who we are and what we do. Every time we held a demo with hoteliers, they experienced what we came to call a ‘wow moment’ upon understanding the power of our platform, how well Duve allows them to manage guests and the impact it can have on their bottom line. We needed our brand to communicate the extent to which we understand the elementals of hospitality and translate that ‘Wow Moment’ into a visual language and brand identity.

Duve hospitality unlimited

The Process

Our rebranding was completed with Firma, a global business design firm. The first step was to map our company’s strengths, vision and strategy by holding interviews with team members and clients to understand our unique character and concept.

At this point we wanted to make sure that we cover as many perspectives as possible and understand who we are to help us communicate it better to our customers. Once this process was completed we were able to receive a thorough overview of our company. This helped us understand our strengths and what makes us unique.

There are plenty of guest facing solutions in the industry, allowing hoteliers to send mass-messages to guests or help guests check-in online, but with Duve, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The platform is inclusive, allowing hoteliers to tailor the experience to an artwork.

Our platform, just like a professional hotelier, has the power to interact in different steps of the guest journey, offer the right service at the right time with flexibility to reach the guest where they are . Duve enables hoteliers to communicate with guests and upsell services as if they are spending personal time and attention with each individual guest.

Hoteliers know every single detail about the hotel and their guests. They want to know what information is most relevant and which services and experiences to recommend. We understand that hoteliers are the professionals and our platform empowers them to elevate their art in today’s digital world, without limits. Hospitality Unlimited.

After pinpointing the positioning and the messaging, we turned to develop the graphic language. As far as styling, we wanted our visuals to speak the same language, professional, clean and elegant.

Our tagline, Hospitality Unlimited, embodies what Duve is about. Technology made for people, allowing hoteliers to deliver the perfect hotel experience everywhere.

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