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Many hotels and vacation rental companies are searching for ways to engage with guests and digitize their guest experience. In the search for the perfect guest app, what should you really be looking for?

Studies show that hotels that guest apps increase guest satisfaction and brand loyalty. However, engaging guests with your app and content is not as easy as you think.

Here are the most important things to notice when choosing and creating content for your guest app.

1. Easy access

This may not come as a surprise, but getting guests to actually use a guest app is not as easy as you think. Guests need to be incentivized to do so and are not easily convinced to download an app for one specific accommodation.

Many hotels have invested an extensive amount of resources in creating their own app only to realize that less than 10% of guests even bother to download it. For this reason, a web-based app is the best way to go, allowing your guests to easily access the content without needing to download or register. Web-based apps can still be customized and include unique information to each guest while assuring your time and resources do not go to waist.

Make sure your app is easy to access, available to guests on their own mobile devices for maximum convenience.

The best guest app at the palm of your hand

2. Branded and customized

One of the goals of having a hotel app is to improve brand awareness and make sure guests engage with your brand, and the unique value and experience your hotel has to offer. For this reason, having your own logo and images throughout the guest app crucial. Your guest app should communicate your brand allowing you to customize both brand assets and content.

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3. Generate more Revenue

While having content, recommendations, and information about your hotel is extremely important, it is also worth noting that if you are spending your time and resources in creating a guest app, it might as well generate more revenue for your hotel. Guests should be able to purchase additional services, including food, spa, or events happening at your property. This will allow you to not only open new streams of revenue, offer a wider range of experiences but also increase profitability and reduce the workload of your staff by allowing guests to book services automatically from their own devices.

4. Practical & Helpful

The best way to get guests to use your app and therefore engage with your brand, is to make sure there is also a practical use for your app. If guests can chat with the hotel staff, ask questions, view reservation details or even book a room upgrade – this will give them even more reason to visit the app and engage.

5. Relevant Content

In many cases, language can be a barrier between the hotel and the hotel guests. Your guest app should help you overcome that barrier and allow you to make all the information accessible to guests. Translations are extremely valuable for properties that often have guests from a wide range of counties or with limited knowledge of the local language. Your guest app should help you overcome those challenges by including translations.

6. Your Guest App should be fun!

Content is key! creating content for your guest app is one of the most important steps. Your guest app should be fun, filled with fun recommendations images and maps so they can make the most out of their vacation!

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