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Duve is excited to launch the world’s first truly personal guest experience platform.

Duve personalization

As hoteliers, we always strive to provide each guest with the best, most personal experience possible. But most of the time, we don’t really know a lot about our guests – so our capabilities are quite limited.

It’s time to change this.

Duve is happy to announce the release of custom guest journeys, and help hoteliers enrich guest profiles and understand each guest better. With details such as reason of visit, interests, language, type of visit (family/business/romantic etc), travel method, F&B preferences, and more, Duve allows hoteliers to customize and segment guest journeys and build a personalized experience – essentially supporting hundreds(!!) of potential guest journeys, managed by Duve.

From different online check-in flows, through a tailored guest app with content relevant to the guest in their native language, and up to personal upsells – each guest will receive a personal experience that is built upon their exact needs.

How can you use this new feature? Here’s an example to get you started

During the online check-in, add a custom question for your guests, such as:

What is your type of visit? (family/business/romantic etc) -OR- What are you most interested in? (restaurants/nightlife/museums/outdoor activities/culinary tours/sightseeing/etc.)

Now, you can combine the answer to this question along with more data gathered about the guest and create tailored guest journeys.

For example:

  • For guests who are traveling for business, and have shown interest in nightlife – create a special post in the guest app, covering the best bars and parties in town. This post will not show for guests traveling with families.
  • For guests who are traveling with family (i.e. the reservation has kids), and have shown interest in museums – you can send a pre-scheduled message with a link to museums who are relevant for children, and help them find the best activity for them even before arriving at the hotel.
  • For guests who are on a romantic vacation, and have shown interest in culinary tours, you might offer a tailored upsell for the best culinary tour in town, guided by one of the hotel’s staff, for example.

These are only a few of the possible journeys you can now create within Duve.

As you get to know more about your guests, you can continue to fine-tune and expand your journeys, catering to each guests’ tastes, desires and preferences – building a truly unique and personalized experience for each of your guests.

Duve is setting the bar for the future of hospitality, giving hoteliers a way to be more precise and personal with each guest, maximizing each guest’s revenue potential, and increasing guest satisfaction, happiness, and return rate.

But did you think that’s all we released? Well, there’s actually much more

Here are a few of the major changes, updated and improvements to Duve.

Account Updates

  1. Brand indication inside the Communication Hub – We added an indication to differentiate between brands when viewing list of chats inside the communication hub.
    Early Check-in and late Check-out pending approval – now you can set up the Early Check-in and late Check-out options regardless of the existing occupancy, and let your staff approve or deny them as you wish.
  2. Room Upgrade discounts – Now you can set up Discounts by filters and different conditions such as Current Room type, Agents, Number of days before check-in, Membership and the Room type for the upgrade.
    To set up your discounts, go to Upsells > Room Upgrade > Discounts. Now you can choose between the different conditions and define the discount amount.
    * Note: these options change regarding your PMS.
  3. Format currency based on the client browser and locality – The currency in the emails are formatted with respect to two factors, the guest’s browser language and the local currency format. The system will always consider the two factors to show the guest the information written properly.
  4. Security limitation: We have added the option to limit the account access per specific IP addresses to ensure maximum security and protection of your assets. ** To use this feature, please contact our support –
  5. Check in Portal: Easy login options – Now, guests can start the check-in process by using the reservation number/ personal phone number/ email address.

PMS Updates

  1. Improving the 2-way integration with Optima/Mews – We added field matches City/Country/Zip Code as information that we push back to the PMS, after the guest finishes the pre check-in process.
  2. New PMS sync: Bookerville API – 1-way integration – Duve gets only rooms and reservations info from the PMS and doesn’t push back anything to it.
  3. Tokeet is now an official Duve partner! We upgraded the Tokeet API to the official, more complete, Partner API .

Mobile Keys Updates

  1. Common doors – We added a default list of common doors that can be opened via Mobile Keys.
  2. Adding Mobile Key data analytics – If your property supports Mobile Keys, now you can see mobile key usage data in the analytics page.

Multi-group Updates

  1. Custom Questions per brand indication – We added the option to indicate Custom Questions per brand in Multi-group account.
  2. Upsell: Late Check-out per brand in Multi-group account – For customers that are using Multi-group accounts, we added the option to set up the Late Check-out upsell to be available per brand.
  3. User permissions: Limit for specific brands – For those of you who are using a Multi-group account, we added the option to limit permissions to specific brands. It means that one brand won’t get to see the data of others, if it doesn’t have the permission to see it.

Languages Updates

  1. Adding Norwegian language for both Host and Guest – Duve is now fully supporting Norwegian and Korean language as the platform’s languages for guest communication and interface settings.

Duve is happy and proud to continue leading the digital innovation revolution of our industry, and we are already working hard on the next set of features and partnerships to further empower hoteliers to create meaningful, unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Duve currently operates in over 60 countries, and supports over 120 integration partners, across all major OTA’s, PMS’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors.

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