Duve Analytics

Duve analytics will allow you to track and improve your guest communication, learn how guests engage with your app, messages, online check-ins, upsells, and more!

The level of your engagement guests have with your hotel or property has a crucial impact on your business. A high level of engagement will increase direct bookings, create new revenue streams, and improve reviews and overall guest satisfaction. 

Duve analytics allows you to measure and assess the effects of your guest management and communication. While the Duve analytics will include multiple parameters, here are the 4 main categories that will be included and why they are important. 

Online Check-in Statistics

The online check-in analytics include your online check-in conversion rate, meaning how many guests complete the check-in, as well as what details they complete (document scans, payments, and more).

This step is crucial to your overall engagement as the online check-in is the gateway to guest interaction with your brand. 

While your guests are completing the check-in online you also have an opportunity to show them offers, recommendations, customized upsells and more. For this reason, we created many tools that can support this step such as smart reminders to guests and the ability to send translated messages to guests via SMS or WhatsApp. 

Guest App Statistics

Your guest app is the perfect way to communicate important information to guests, reducing guest questions and saving your team time. It is also a great way to personalize your guest experience, adding recommendations, upsells, and bringing your hotel the digital platform. 

For this reason, the ability to see how much time guests spend on your app, when are they visiting your app and what posts are most popular is extremely important, allowing you to improve interaction with your guests. 


Duve allows hosts to increase incremental revenue by selling additional services through the system. These upsells includes In-House services as well as services provided by 3rd part suppliers.  

Duve analytics includes revenue generated by selling these services as well as most popular services sold. 

Guest Reviews

In order to optimize your online review score, Duve includes an internal review system collecting your guests’ rating and satisfaction before they check-out. Depending on their reply the system either encourages them to leave a review online or to write to you directly in more detail.

Duve analytics will help you keep track of your internal reviews, giving you insight into guest satisfaction and feedback.