Collect security Deposits Automatically

Smart and efficient guest management with the security deposit collection feature

Many hosts wish to protect their properties from being mistreated and gain peace of mind by collecting security deposits from guests. With security deposit collections guests often feel responsible, plus, the collection also deters ill-suited guests.

Even with insurance, security deposit collection is the fastest way to collect payments, as insurance may take weeks or months to pay. The process of collecting security deposits from guests and the workload it creates are often the only reason why security deposit is not collected in advance. Collecting a security deposit for every booking can be a lot of work. 

For this reason, we are happy to launch our security deposit collection feature, that allows hosts to automatically collect security deposits from guests before arrival!

You will be able to:

  1. Automatically ask guests for a security hold on their card before they arrive. 
  2. Make guests fully aware of the potential security charges for damages according to your policy. 
  3. Collect deposit for the exact amount you want from each guest depending on the reservation amount or by room type or rental. 
  4. Customize the collection by booking source or reservation status.

The deposit collection can be easily added to the Duve Pre-check-in wizard in 3-easy steps. For technical details about the deposit collection setup visit our support center

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