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Here at Duve, we are committed to keep leading the digital transformation of the hotel industry.

Today, we are excited to announce we’ve added support for new PMS’s, Payment Processors, Digital Locks and Mobile Keys!
This means – apart from constantly updating our product – also expanding our partner network and supporting new integrations – so we can ensure all hoteliers have a chance to work with Duve – regardless of their tech stack.

Each integration and each new partner helps us ensure that hoteliers who work with Duve are unhindered by their choice of a technology partner, and that Duve is truly platform-agnostic.

A PMS, or Property Management System – is the core and heart of all hotel operations (from a technical and technological standpoint).

As such, Duve’s connection to a PMS is a crucial part of everything we do.

All data collected by Duve on behalf of the hotel needs to be synced back to the PMS. All relevant data in the PMS needs to be available on Duve so we can empower hoteliers to communicate with their guests better.

Therefore – we are pleased to announce that Duve is now a certified 2-way integration partner with both Protel and Oracle Hospitality (Opera) PMS’s.

Another important part of the hotel tech stack is the PSP – or Payment Service Provider.

Each hotel works with different Payment Processors – and our goal is to ensure full support and a smooth operation for hotels, regardless of their integration.

Therefore – we are pleased to announce – especially for our European customers – that we now fully support both Concardis and Ingenico by Worldline PSP’s, so hoteliers can use either option as their billing provider.

Finally – as more and more hotels migrate from traditional door locks and keycards into smarter digital and keyless solutions – it’s important to have the capability to control those operations in a unified hub, allowing guests to access their rooms from a guest app which also lets hoteliers manage their relationship with the guest.

This is why we are also pleased to announce our support for Salto ProAccess Space, Dormakaba Legic, and Keyless – all leading brands, providing hotels with solutions for Digital Locks and Mobile Keys.

Duve is happy and proud to continue leading the digital innovation revolution of our industry, and we are already working hard on the next set of features and partnerships to even further empower hoteliers to create meaningful, unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Duve currently operates in over 60 countries, and supports over 120 integration partners, across all major OTA’s, PMS’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors.

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