Online Check-in Portal

Contactless check-in made even easier

The check-in portal is a universal link to your online check-in, giving your guests easy access to the online check-in wizard, even if they haven’t completed or received the online check-in link in advance.

Using the unique portal-link, guests will be able to start the online check-in instantly. The check-in portal link can be embedded on your website, and can be used for contactless check-ins upon arrival for walk-in guests or guests at the reception. 

The check-in portal is your own branded webpage. When entering the check-in date and confirmation number of a reservation, guests are automatically redirected to the online check-in wizard where they can scan documents, sign the registration card, pay, purchase upgrades and more.

The portal can be used for contactless check-ins at the reception desk with tablets or embedded in websites, used with Qr codes and more. 

Kiosk mode

The Kiosk mode is ideal when the check-in portal is used at the hotel lobby in order to allow guests to check-in independently using a tablet or shared device. When using the regular check-in portal link, guests are redirected to their personalized guest app after completing the online check-in. The guest app includes their reservation info as well as upsells and information about your hotel/ property.

When using the kiosk mode however, after completing the online check-in, Duve will redirect back to the main check-in portal screen and skip the guest app, allowing guests to safely check-in, while still being able to access the guest app through their own personal device. 

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