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The arrival of the Olympics is a big occasion for any city, and brings a large influx of tourism. This 2024 the world’s eyes will turn toward the city of Paris with thousands of athletes, officials, and spectators flooding the city. With that being said, hotels will need to step up their game as they will have new opportunities and new challenges.

The demand in Hotels will increase and they must be able to juggle a bustling crowd and provide a seamless experience for their guests. This means hotels should aim to streamline operations, offer unique guest experiences, and enhance communication with their guests.

Guest experience platforms like Duve, were created exactly for this reason. Duve ensures hoteliers can offer more, and provide the best possible experience for their guests.

Here is how hotels can standout and exceed guest expectations with Duve

No More Wasting Time with Online Check-In

Hotel Mobile Check-In is an increasingly popular way to check into hotels. Duve’s online check-in feature streamlines the guest arrival process, offering a convenient, contactless experience. Guests can complete the check-in process before arrival, as well as, customize check-in/ check-out times, room arrangements, upgrades and more, saving time and reducing front desk congestion.

Having this option for guests during the Olympics helps let them feel secure that they can arrive and not miss a game, or something important in their schedule. This not only enhances the guest experience but also frees up staff time so that they can concentrate on other important hotel tasks.

Immediate Room Entry For Guests

Duve’s mobile key solution revolutionizes access to guest rooms. Once guests check-in they can receive their key directly on their smartphone, which means they can arrive and start enjoying their stay––No download necessary. Guests can bypass traditional check-in and use their smartphones as room keys.

This convenient, contactless technology enhances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency by reducing the need for physical key cards and the time spent creating them. This is especially helpful with the expected increase of staff time allocated to guest inquiries during the Olympics

The Quickest and Most Efficient way to Communicate with Guests

Duve’s guest communication and AI integration elevate the guest experience and assist hoteliers in delivering the most personalized service. Communication with Duve is an ideal solution for hoteliers looking to strike a balance between personalization and automation. Hoteliers have complete control over how much automation they want to use in their operations, while still being able to provide a high level of personalization to their guests. In addition, Duve allows hoteliers to identify and address issues more quickly, providing a better and fast guest communication experience. The Olympics can create an extreme amount of questions, and increase in guest inquiries. Ultimately, by leveraging the power of AI, hoteliers can provide instant responses to guest inquiries, handle multiple incoming requests, and streamline operations. This real-time interaction fosters guest satisfaction while still maintaining the personal touch and allowing hotel staff to focus on high-value tasks.

Offer Guests Exactly What they Want

Understand who your guests are before they arrive. Duve’s personalized upsell feature enables hotels to offer tailored services and amenities specific to each guest and their needs. By utilizing the collected data from guests check-in and past stays, Duve can analyze guest preferences and behavior so that hoteliers can recommend upgrades, experiences, and amenities that exceed guest expectations. For example add extra pillows in the room of a guest who in the past requested extra pillows, or another example for guests traveling for the Olympics provide informational brochures that include game times, and locations–The options are endless. This not only increases revenue but also fosters guest loyalty through a more tailored and memorable experience.

A Guest App that Always Speaks Your Language

The Olympics brings people from all over the world who speak a variety of different languages, which means not all staff will be able to communicate with all guests. Duve’s guest app provides guests with an all-in-one tool for their stay, from online check-in to communication capabilities to local recommendations, and way more–All in their preferred language. Duve enhances the guest experience by providing simplified access to essential information, services, and communication in an array of languages so that each guest can easily understand what they want to know.

Know your Guests Inside and Out

Duve’s guest analytics tool empowers hoteliers with insights into guest behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach allows for more informed decision-making, from marketing strategies to resource allocation. By understanding your guests better, you can create more targeted, personalized experiences and upsells. Plus Duve allows hoteliers to understand how their establishment is performing and the areas where they can improve. See everything at a glance–Everything you need to know about guest engagement, communication, and performance can be seen via Duve’s visual dashboard.

Make the 2024 Olympics a Memorable Experience

In the fast-paced environment of the Olympics, Duve is the secret weapon that your hotel needs to succeed. From online check-in to AI-powered guest communication, personalized upselling, and analytics, Duves tools and solutions benefit both hoteliers and their guests. Duve gives hoteliers the most seamless and convenient way to provide the ultimate guest experiences that leave guests with lasting memories. Prepare your hotel for the Olympics with Duve and seize the opportunity, before your competitors.

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