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Understand the best way to communicate and improve the overall guest journey

In the hospitality industry, communication is key to providing a great guest experience. In the past, communication was limited to face-to-face interactions, phone calls, or emails. However, with the advent of mobile technology, guests can now communicate with hotels and resorts in real-time through a guest app.

A guest app provides communication features such as real-time messaging and push notifications, so guests can easily communicate with hotel staff and receive important updates and information about their stay. This eliminates the need for guests to wait in long lines or make phone calls to the front desk, saving them time and frustration. Additionally, a guest app can provide guests with access to a range of information about the hotel, including its amenities, services, local attractions and more.

By enhancing communication through a guest app, hotels can provide a better overall experience for their guests, build stronger relationships, and ultimately increase guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Here’s how a guest app is the key to enhancing guest communication and ultimately improving the guest experience:

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Real-time Communication

A good guest app allows guests to communicate with hotels and resorts in real-time, with no download necessary. This means that guests can receive immediate responses to their inquiries or requests. For example, if a guest needs extra towels or pillows, they can request them through the guest app and receive them within minutes. This type of real-time communication is convenient for guests and allows hotels and resorts to provide a higher level of service.

Increased Personalization

A guest app allows hotels and resorts to personalize the guest experience. By collecting guest data such as preferences, interests, and past stay history, hotels and resorts can tailor their communication to each individual guest. For example, if a guest has a preference for a certain type of blanket, the hotel can make sure that blanket is in their room before they arrive. This type of personalization makes guests feel valued and appreciated, which leads to a better overall guest experience.

Mobile Check-In and Check-Out

Another advantage of guest apps is that guests can utilize a mobile check-in and check-out. This means that guests can bypass the front desk and use their mobile devices to check-in and check-out of their rooms at a time that best works for them. This saves time for both the guest and the hotel staff and provides a more streamlined experience.

More Convenient

A guest app provides guests with the most convenient way to communicate with hotels and resorts–no download necessary. Guests can use whichever form of communication that is most comfortable to them (sms, whatsapp, email, etc) and it is seen directly via the guest app. This means that guests no longer need to call the front desk or wait in line, guests can simply make requests or ask questions via their mobile device. This convenience leads to a more seamless guest experience. For example, if a guest needs a restaurant recommendation, they can simply message the concierge through the guest app instead of having to make a phone call or visit the front desk.

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Proactive notifications

A guest app also allows hotels and resorts to send notifications to guests in real-time to their mobile devices. These notifications can include anything from a welcome message to updates on special events or promotions. By keeping guests informed, hotels and resorts can enhance the guest experience. For example, if there is a special event happening at the hotel, guests can receive a notification about it and decide whether or not they want to attend. This type of proactive communication shows guests that the hotel is invested in their experience.

Modernized Communication

Another advantage of a guest app is that it is integrated with mobile technology. Most people nowadays use their mobile devices to perform a variety of tasks, including travel planning and booking. By providing a guest app, hotels and other various hospitality businesses can connect with guests in a way that is most convenient for them. Guests can access the app from their mobile devices without the need to download, which allows them to interact with the hotel at any time and from anywhere.

Real-time Assistance

In addition to providing a channel for communication, a guest app can also offer real-time assistance to guests. For example, if a guest is lost or needs directions, they can use the app to request assistance from hotel staff. Staff members can use the app to send a map or give directions, which can help the guest navigate their way to where they need to go. This type of real-time assistance can make a huge difference in the guest experience and can help to build a stronger relationship between the guest and the hotel.

Upselling and Promotions

Using a guest app can also be used to promote upselling and special promotions. For example, if a guest is staying at a hotel and has not yet tried the hotel’s restaurant, the hotel can send a notification through the guest app offering a discount on a meal. This type of promotion can increase revenue for the hotel and can provide a more enjoyable experience for the guest. Additionally, the app collects data unique to each guest and understands which upsells guests are more likely to want. Sending guests upsells customized to them helps promote amenities and services, such as spa treatments or tours, which can enhance the overall guest experience.

Guest Feedback Visibility

A guest app allows hotels and resorts to receive feedback from guests in real-time. This feedback can include anything from suggestions for improvement to praise for exceptional service. By collecting feedback, hotels and resorts can identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the future guest experience. This type of communication also shows guests that their opinions are valued and that the hotel is committed to providing the best possible experience.

Boost Brand Awareness

Having a guest app is also a powerful tool for hotels and hospitality businesses to spread brand image. A well-designed guest app can serve as a marketing platform, allowing hotels to showcase their unique amenities and services to potential customers who may not have otherwise considered staying with them. Through targeted promotions and special offers, hotels can also use their guest app to build long term relationships through incentives for guests to return, further increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

Overall, a guest app enhances guest communication and ultimately improves the guest experience. By providing a guest app hotels and hospitality businesses can create a more seamless and enjoyable guest experience. In today’s fast-paced world, guests expect a high level of service and communication from hotels and resorts. By embracing guest apps, hotels and resorts can not only meet those expectations, but exceed them.

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