How Rent Experience/ Altido uses Duve to better communicate with guests

We had a chat with Roberto Bricio, CMO of Altido, to discussed how they implemented and used Duve to elevate guest experience
Photo credit: Altido group

Rent Experience was founded in 2010, with the purpose of providing high-quality service in the vacation rental market to both guests and property owners. Today, Rent Experience operates as part of the Altido group, managing vacation rentals across Europe with offices in Lisbon, London, Milan and more.

“ Duve fits like a glove with lots of our internal operations and allows us to optimize our procedures. We have more time to focus on guest satisfaction, and we freed ourselves from tedious processes ”​​

Roberto Bricio, CMO

With 250 properties in Portugal alone, rent experience operates mostly with face to face greetings that require a lot of manpower. Facing with the critical task of coordinating arrivals, The main challenges they faced included communication difficulties with guest coordination & communication.

Photo credit: Altido group

Before Duve we had to call our guests and make sure we know what time they are coming. We had task management tools but the communication was very difficult and we were having issues with the operations and the guest flow. That’s something that Duve completely solved.

The review optimization feature is also very important, we learned how important it is to get good reviews and the review management Duve offers is used to leverage our score. We ended up using Duve for different aspects, also 90% of our upsells are made through Duve, it also offers brand value so it is not a vertical solution. The results were very significant, the core aspect for us is to have a closer understanding of the guest profile, that was one of our main goals. We also wanted to give the guest a safer feeling, and Duve provided that for us.”

The Duve generated guest area

About Roberto: 

“Like a lot of people in alternative accommodation, my path was quite unique, My background is from graphic design, I did my post major in San Fransisco and back in 1995 I worked there and started developing websites, but when I went back to Rio I opened my own digital agency. The company grew to up to 20 workers and I became the head of marketing. I provided consultation on strategy and digital presence and in 2014 I left Brazil and moved to Portugal. I had a friend with a vacation rental company and consulted on their digital presence. I stayed there till 2017 when Rent Experience pitched me and I came.”

Photo credit: Altido group