Before diving into the direct bookings check-list, we want to discuss the importance of receiving direct bookings from guests in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you have a hotel, hostel or vacation rentals, receiving direct bookings for your accommodation is one of the most difficult things to achieve. It is extremely competitive as both booking channels,  countless competitors and content websites all compete for travelers’ online attention.

Why is it important to get direct bookings?

Having your own website and booking portal allows you to have a personal relationship with your guests, where you have complete control over pricing, images, and description.

Your own website should have your look and feel and travelers who book directly with you will know what to expect from your accommodation best. At the very least, your returning guests should be able to book directly with you. Having this direct channel is significant as it allows guests to remember your brand and at the same time gives you independence and control over your own sales channel and future profitability of your business.

The check-list:

Below is a detailed checklist that includes various action items to increase direct bookings. The list is organized by level of progress, the further down the list you go the more advanced the action items get.

The most important factor in achieving a high percentage of direct bookings is guest communication. The more you engage with your guests before and during their stay and take control over guest experience, the more likely it is for your guests to remember your brand, recommend you to fellow travelers and look for you directly.