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“Guests are saying that they feel as if their vacation is longer than it actually is, because we engage with them before their stay and they get to experience the hotel from home “

Ori Benayahu 
Reception Manager,  Brown Hotels

Brown Hotels use Duve as their guest management platform, engaging and upselling to guests from the moment the booking is confirmed until check-out. 

Using Duve, they are able to communicate with guests before arrival, offer online check-in and collect all necessary details from guests. This allows them to automate the administrative part of the check-in process and focus more on personal welcomes, so the arrival experience is elivated. 

The hotel collection also includes personalized messages to guests and offers guests different upsells based on the guest profile. A date box for couples in the romanic laction and a food tour or bar concerts in others. There is something for everyone and with Duve, guests do not miss a thing.