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Duve, a Tel-Aviv based hospitality tech company, that helps hoteliers create a digital and personal guest experience, has raised $10M in Series A Round, bringing their total funding to date to $14M.

Following a rapid growth in sales and customers in the last year – from small boutique hotels to large worldwide hotel chains with thousands of rooms, the company will use the new funding to invest in expanding the team and supporting more growth, and is opening multiple positions across the entire organization. The investment is led by XT-Hitech, a leading investment firm with 80 past investments and over 30 IPOs and M&As in their portfolio, together with the company’s existing investors.

Duve’s white label platform helps hoteliers and hospitality professionals enrich guest profiles and understand each guest better. Collecting details such as reason of visit, interests, language, type of visit (family/ business/ romantic etc.), travel method, F&B preferences, and more, Duve allows hoteliers to customize and segment guest journeys and build a digital and personalized experience – essentially supporting hundreds of potential guest journeys, managed automatically by Duve which is connected to all the core systems of the hotel.

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From personalized online check-in flows, through a tailored guest app with content relevant to the guest in their native language, and up to personal messaging through different channels as SMS, WhatsApp and emails together with personal upsells – each guest will receive a personal experience that is built upon their exact needs.

Thus, Duve is setting the bar for the future of hospitality, giving hoteliers a way to be more precise and personal with each guest, maximizing each guest’s revenue potential, and increasing guest satisfaction, happiness, and return rate.

Duve founders

Duve was founded in 2016 under the name Wishbox by childhood friends David Mezuman (CEO) and Jeremy Atlan (CBDO), together with Shai Bar (CTO).

Duve sought out to provide hoteliers and VR companies with tools to improve guest services, reduce manual labor and provide guests with more added-value, increasing owners’ revenue-generation via additional services.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced the hospitality world into a stand-still, Duve’s platform and tools became even more crucial for hotels and hoteliers, helping to facilitate the transition from physical to digital, while maintaining – and even increasing – the focus on providing a high-quality, personal service to each guest, from initial booking to post Checkout.

During COVID Duve has seen exponential growth, and have onboarded thousands of new hotels, VRs, Aparthotels, Hostels and more, according to the company.

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Assif Stoffman, Managing Director at XT Hi-Tech, said: “Duve brings a new, innovative platform into the hospitality industry, offering a wide range of interactive solutions for guest experiences, and allowing hotels and hoteliers to increase their revenue and improve guest satisfaction. Duve has shown a strong product/market fit in a category we see as crucial in the hospitality industry in the years to come. We are happy to partner with the team at Duve and believe they are situated in an optimal position to lead the market.”

“We couldn’t ask for better investors who understand our grand vision any better”, said David Mezuman, Duve’s CEO. “We see the digital transformation of the hospitality industry happening before our own eyes, and we are sure that in the upcoming years, a digitalized guest experience is going to be a standard in every hotel in the world. We are excited to lead the digital transformation of the industry, and provide hoteliers with the tools to create unique guest experiences. We are heading into this journey with our wonderful employees, investors, partners and clients behind us.”

Duve currently operates in over 60 countries, and supports over 120 integration partners, across all major PMS’s, Channel managers, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors.

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