Duve tools that will help you
come out stronger from the COVID-19 era

It is clear that in the Coronavirus era all players in the hospitality industry including hotels, hostels, and vacation rental management companies, will need to operate in a new and more efficient way. We listed the top Duve tools that will help host mitigate challenges and seize opportunities in the COVID-19 era.

Hospitality will shift to online check-ins, eliminating unnecessary ques allowing guests to send and receive al necessary information before arrival

Making all the information guests need  easily accessible  online using technology solutions  such as Guest-Apps, replacing paper room manuals, local recommendation, contacting a rep, physical maps etc.

Guest communication and engagement will be streamlined to save hours of manual work on repetitive daily tasks, allowing host to operate more efficiently.

Offer more value and generate more revenues from every guest.

Hosts will need to build trust with their travelers and reassure them that the accommodation meets the highest sanitary standards with minimal

Online Check-in

Offering guests  a no touch funnel upon arrival is more valuable from ever before. Not only does it allow you to reduce manual repetitive tasks, and automate processes that are often time consuming for your staff. The online check-in also allows you to offer more value to guests.

At times like these, travelers will find the option to self check-in more important than ever before, giving you an advantage over similar hospitality providers. Being able to promote to guests that you offer a self-check-in service will be a valuable selling point for the foreseeable future.


Duve’s online check-in has a completion rate of over 85% and includes smart reminders to ensure your guests complete the process well before they arrive. 


Document Scans & E-signatures  

Using Duve’s pre check-in wizard you are able to customize your check-in process, asking guests to scan any document you may need, sign contracts, collect payment or security deposits, coordinate their arrival time and even opt them in for marketing. 


Collect payments & deposits

The online check-in allows you to collect payment for the stay, down payment or  security deposits, automatically, well before the guests arrive. The collection is built in the online check-in, allowing you to customize requests by reservation status, booking source and other parameters.



Smart Locks

Duve fully supports smart and digital code locks including Vikey, Astute locks, Keynest and more, allowing your guests to in a completely independent way. 



Pre-Arrival Upsells

While collecting information and coordinating the arrival, Duve’s online check-in also allows you to include relevant services to guests, allowing you to offer your guests more value while generating more revenue at the same time. Services include transportation services, smart early check-ins, room upgrades, welcome packages and more. 


How Duve can help?

COVID-19 trust

Safety Standard

During this sensitive period, we all need to show guests we are doing all we can to keep them safe. Meeting all the sanitary standards and reducing the physical contact during their stay. For this very reason, we create the “Duve safety standard”, allowing you to communicate to your guests that your their safety is of the highest importance and your accommodation offers the most advanced solutions.

Auto messages

Now that efficient communication is more important than ever, it is crucial to have a system in place that will allow you to instantly communicate with in-house and future guests.

In times of crisis and in order to reduce cancelations, offering a more lenient cancelation policy is often the smart choice, but the most important part is communicating these flexible policies to your guests as soon as possible. 


Instant & scheduled messages 

Using Duve, your updates and messages can be sent to guests through the guest app, email, SMS and WhatsApp. You can not only send guests messages in through the platforms they are already used to checking constantly – thus ensuring their engagement, but also schedule these messages in advance, making sure they are customized by arrival time, rental, booking source or booking status. Messages can be auto-translated to the guests’ native language to make sure no detail falls between the cracks. 


Online Upsells

More Value, More Revenue

Up-selling services to guests is an important part of the guest experience. Guests often book accommodation seeking to experience the local atmosphere and being able to recommend and offer additional services is of major value.

Up-selling services however can provide more than just satisfaction, it can easily become another source of income.

Many hosts have raised concerns about their margins, making additional revenue streams extremely significant. Recommending trusted services to travelers is more relevant than ever, allowing you to upsell and cross-sell anything from room upgrades, transport, early check-in, experiences and more. This is clearly the way hospitality providers are headed. 


Upselling & cross-selling 

Duve allows hosts to sell any service to guests, before and during their stay. You can add new in-house and in-destination services and allow guests to easily book and pay online, via credit card. 


Local services and suppliers

Using Duve, you can connect 3rd party suppliers in order to ensure you work with trust suppliers you recommend. Guests have access to these services throughout the guest journey, and can easily book them using their credit card. 

The ability to connect to local services also increases the property’s flexibility, allowing hosts to adapt special offerings for domestic travelers. This is especially useful as markets are changing and there are many uncertainties ahead. 

Guest App

For a complete digitalization

The information that is spread around the internet may not be currently relevant to travelers, Having your own guest app allows you to help your guests feel at home, with all the information they need at a click of a button. 

The Duve guest app is a web app and does not require any downloading, giving your guests easy access to all the important information they need.

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* Units are the number of rooms (hotel), beds (hostel) or vacation rentals you manage.


While the industry braces itself for changes and hopes for a speedy recovery, the ability to maximize communication, offer dynamic services and manage guests in the most secure way is more important than ever. The key is to adapt and utilize new technologies in order to offer guests the most secure and highest standards of service.

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