Duve “Safe Stay” Badge

Increase bookings and guest experience by letting your guests know you offer a safe stay

During times of uncertainty, many travelers and guests might be hesitant regarding traveling and particulate about the accommodation they choose. 

Duve allows hosts to offer smart solutions that not only improve the experience but also keep guests safe. In order to help you reflect the level of preparedness and awareness to your guests, encourage them to book, and establish trust, we prepared the Duve Stay safe badge for smart hosts.

The badge can be used on your website, social media, and can be added to the guest app, in order to assure guests they are offered the highest level of security and service during these times.

Duve hosts can fill in this form and get a free customize badge with their logo and branding. 

To learn more about Duve tools that are especially helpful during coronavirus, visit our COVID-19 page