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Most frequent questions and answers

You can offer any products and services that may be relevant to travellers, including tours, activities, transportation, experiences, events, foods,  luggage storage, bike rentals and more. 

Travellers who reserves accommodation in your area will see your products on multiple occasions in the pre-arrival stage: when they complete an online check-in. within emails sent to them, and in their guest app. Guests have access to the guest app before and during their stay.

Upon adding your services to the Duve marketplace, people travelling in your area will be able to view and book your products and services. 

Duve works with all types of accommodation providers, including Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Hostels and private hosts who offer rentals to travellers on Airbnb.​

No, Duve enables travel service providers to offer their products on Duve marketplace without offering any type of accommodation.  
Yes, in order to offer services, you must have insurance coverage and comply with local laws in your area.