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A walk through recent releases, discussing best practices and system updates.

Webinar Q&A

Q: If you send a bulk message, will responses come back as a bulk response message to everyone?
A: No, our Broadcast Messaging service sends the message to each Chat individually, and if a guest responds to the broadcast message, it will be received in the guest’s direct communication with their host. 
Q: When will arrival messages be customizable by property?
A: Arrival messages are already customizable by property, if the Address, Access Codes and Wifi information are posted on the Room/Rental, they will show on the Arrival message. If you would like to include Guidebook posts or Upsells, those can be added to the Room’s Arrival email in the Advanced Settings of each post or upsell you would like to add. Changing the text of the Arrival message is in the process and we will announce the feature when it is available on the system. 
Q: So all WhatsApp messages are auto sent to SMS now if the guest does not have whatsapp?
A: Yes, that’s correct. The system will notify you when sending Broadcast messages if there is a valid phone number, and will automatically forward the Broadcast message to be sent via Duve Chat.
Q: Can Guidebook posts be limited by season?
A: Guidebook posts can be given Time Restrictions and given Expiration dates. So for example if you are looking to show posts only for the summer or winter seasons, you can select the post to ‘Start Showing’ on a specific date and time and then select a specific date for the post to ‘expire’ or be automatically disabled from the Guidebook.

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