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Duve announces new capabilities that will help hoteliers personalize each guest’s journey from pre-arrival to post-stay.

Duve, an innovative guest experience platform, is gearing up to revolutionize guest experiences during the upcoming summer peak season. The company has unveiled a series of cutting-edge capabilities aimed at enabling hoteliers to personalize each guest’s journey from pre-arrival to post-stay, ensuring unmatched guest engagement and streamlined experiences.

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Scheduled for release in August 14, 2023, Duve’s latest innovations will empower hoteliers to effortlessly navigate the high demands of the summer peak season while delivering personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests. With these advancements, Duve aims to offer hoteliers a powerful toolkit to manage their time efficiently and cater to each guest’s unique needs during this bustling period.

David Mezuman, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Duve, explains, “The end of summer represents one of the busiest periods in the hospitality industry. Our latest innovations are designed to provide a sense of personalized attention to each guest, even amidst the peak rush. Not only will these enhancements elevate the guest experience and boost hotels’ revenues, but they will also empower staff to better manage their workload during this critical season.”

Duve’s suite of new features promises to redefine guest experiences across all touchpoints:


The Motion feature by Duve is set to automatically generate tailor-made videos to engage guests at various stages of their journey. These dynamic videos will incorporate guest-specific information, enticing guests to interact with the hotel according to their preferences.

Whether it’s prompting online check-ins prior to arrival, promoting exclusive hotel amenities or additional services, encouraging guest reviews, or driving repeat bookings, these personalized videos will add a distinctive and personal touch to every aspect of the guest experience. Hoteliers can seamlessly integrate these videos within Duve’s Guest App or utilize them across communication channels such as WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, and Email.

SmartPriority by DuveAI

DuveAI’s SmartPriority feature will leverage advanced algorithms to identify high-priority conversations based on guest sentiment, the stage of the guest journey, and the query topic. These identified conversations will be automatically escalated for immediate attention, allowing hotel staff to focus their efforts on the most critical tasks.

As DuveAI evolves, it will introduce additional features, including suggested responses to guest messages, auto-replies, auto-generated content for the Guest App, and business insights. These enhancements aim to streamline hotel operations further and enhance personalization in hospitality management.

Email Pro

After a guest’s departure, Duve’s Email Pro feature will play a crucial role in helping hoteliers schedule and segment customized emails. By offering highly personalized and targeted email campaigns, Duve enables hoteliers to seize opportunities for additional revenue generation, encourage repeat visits from guests, and gather valuable online reviews.

These ground breaking capabilities from Duve transform the guest journey into a seamlessly connected, personalized, and efficient process, surpassing guest expectations and ensuring that each interaction adds significant value to their overall experience.

About Duve

Duve stands as an award-winning guest experience platform at the forefront of revolutionizing the hospitality industry. The platform is dedicated to providing an unparalleled suite of personalized guest experiences. From tailored online check-in flows to a web-based guest app featuring relevant content in the guests’ preferred language, to personalized upsells that maximize revenue potential and guest satisfaction, Duve offers a fully customized and digital journey for each guest.

Partnering with over 150 integration partners, spanning all major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers, and 3rd-party vendors, Duve is instrumental in transforming guest experiences at thousands of hotels and vacation rentals worldwide.

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