Digital Spots

Connecting between the physical and the digital hotel experience

There is no doubt in the importance of digital communication with guests and its ability to empower hotels to retain loyal customers and offer more services to guests.

While an increasing number of guests turn to purchase hotel services online, creating a seamless experience between the physical and the digital is essential in establishing a strong relationship between the hotel and the guest.

The guest knows what to expect if they have the same experience in the hotel and online, with the same content and the same visuals.

Duve digital spots

With Duve’s Digital Spots, hotels can combine both the online and physical environments taking the best aspects from each space to create a much more complete and satisfying guest experience.

Using the guest app, guests have the opportunity to experience the hotel areas and services online. The digital spots complete this experience, connecting physical and digital – aligning the two and supporting both.

The platform can issue links and QR codes of various services, upsells, and more, allowing guests to instantly access any page or product in your Guest App by scanning the code on-site.

The links can also be promoted on social media or on the hotel website, allowing guests to instantly book or revisit your products online.

This will allow hotels to share public URLs so any guests can experience the services. Guests will always be able to enter their reservation details to view a personalized version of the guest app.

You will be able to learn what interests your guests and see exactly what codes they scan and visit from the Duve analytics page.